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Brick plants TRIBOPRESS

The equipment of the plants THP/SB for the manufacture of the traditional and antiseismic building materials with frames and chamfers along the entire face perimeter...

The plants TRIBOPRESS (THP/SB) produce traditional and antiseismic building materials with frames and chamfers along the entire face perimeter:

  • facing bricks with a frame and chamfers along the face perimeter;

  • rock face veneers with chamfers and splays along the face perimeter;

  • sidewalk and road paving materials;

  • facing and inside lining antiseismic bricks.

TRIBOPRESS plants (THP/SB) have the following productivity, established power, production facilities and staff:

 name  productivity  power  facilities  shift 
THP/SB-900 900 units/h - 6 mln/year180 kW45x15x10 m6 pers.
THP/SB-1800 1800 units/h - 12 mln/year350 kW60x25x10 m12 pers.
THP/SB-3600 3600 units/h - 24 mln/year600 kW80x35x10 m16 pers.
THP/SB-5400 5400 units/h - 36 mln/year800 kW100x40x10 m20 pers.

The equipment of the plants TRIBOPRESS (THP/SB) meets the EU norms.

  • has a tenfold margin of mechanical strength;
  • made of German steels including «THYSSEN» steels;
  • molds are made of a special «THYSSEN» steel;
  • upper relief punches are covered with hard chromium;
  • hydraulic stations are equipped with the components «PARKER»;
  • «bottom» and «walls» of the cylinders are made of monolithic steel ;
  • cylinders have standard stuffing-boxes and compactors «HUNGER»;
  • automated palletizers are equipped with mechanical hands «KUKA»;
  • preparation lines are completely automated.

The equipment of the plants TRIBOPRESS (THP/SB) consists of:

  • Preparation Line(s) (production of the compression mixture);

  • Hydraulic Press (presses) (production of building materials);

  • Automated Palletizer(s) (evacuation and palletization of the ready materials);

  • Metal Pallets (place of palletization of the newly pressed materials);

  • Electric elevator(s) (transportation of the loaded pallets to the warehouse);

  • Warehouse with the capacity of 5 days production (a place of storage of the materials);

  • Miniexcavator (s) (transportation of the raw materials);

  • Press (presses) for the splitting of preforms (production of rock face veneers) and so on.

Brick plants TRIBOPRESS (THP/SB) produce materials of European and/or Russian standards, according to the Buyer’s wishes or needs.

The machinery of the plants TRIBOPRESS (THP/SB) can be supplied in diverse compositions:

  • complete (automated production),

  • medium (semiautomated production),

  • minimal (great part of the production is manual).

And its supply to different countries has a state Spanish financing.

The customs code of the equipment of the plants TRIBOPRESS (THP/SB) is - «Equipment for the building materials industry and building industry...»

Advantages of the plants TRIBOPRESS (THP/SB)

The Russian standard brick (250x120x65mm) has the following dimensions:

  • 2 equal big sides with the size of 250x120=30.000mm2=300,0cm2, each one;

  • 2 equal medium sides with the size of 250x65=16.250mm2=162,5cm2, each one;

  • 2 equal small sides with the size of 120x65=7.800 mm2=78,0 cm2, each one;

That is 6 sides all in all, like any parallelepiped with perpendicular sides has.

In theory the mixture in the molds can be compressed:

  • on any of the three sides: a big one, a medium or a small one:
    • from one side - on one of the chosen sides (hyperpressing), or

    • from two sides – on the two opposite sides (tribo-hyperpressing).

The selection of the sides to be pressed is very important as the compression mixture is not a liquid and Pascal’s law (“when there is an increase in pressure at any point in a confined fluid, there is an equal increase at every other point in the container”) at its pressing, does not work.

The pressure exerted on the mixture depends on many factors, such as: granulometric composition of the mixture, its moisture content, pressing speed, depth of pressing, etc.

Till the present the mixture in the molds has been pressed just from one side in almost all plants: on the bigger side of the brick and from above.

The results are satisfactory. The final product is of high quality.

However, in the process of operation some limits in the unilateral compression were discovered:

  • many “whims” at the selection of the main raw material,

  • unequal strength of the upper and lower sides and edges,

  • a strong reaction on the moisture of the supplied raw material,

  • height instability (65mm) of the brick produces unsightly brick joint;

  • practical impossibility to produce sesquilateral bricks (h=88mm) of high quality and so on.

If all these factors of the unilateral compression negatively affect the quality of the final product and limit our technology, it is necessary to exert the pressure uniformly over the whole of the compression mixture, i.e. to pass to pressing from two sides. And thus TRIBOPRESS technology was developed.

Now at all the plants TRIBOPRESS (THP/SB) the mixture in the molds is compressed from two sides (from above and from below), on the bigger sides of the brick – by tribo-hyperpressing method.

For the production of the antiseismic and traditional building materials the only possible and correct method appeared to be a bilateral compression on bigger sides.

So, on the plants TRIBOPRESS (THP/SB) the compressing of the mixture in the molds is bilateral (from above and from below) on the bigger sides,

That gives the following advantages to the final product:

  • increasced homogeneity of the brick – saving energy and cement;

  • strength of the sesquilateral brick – 1,35 time increase in productivity;

  • strict height stability of the brick (± 0,3 mm) – strictness of the brick work joint;

  • frame and chamfers on the face side – for the first time without manual operations;

  • production of antiseismic unitary bricks with the size of 258x128x73mm - 2mm brick joint;

  • manufacturing of the antiseismic sesquilateral bricks with the size of 258x128x96mm - 2mm brick joint;

  • creation of the “male-female” system – horizontal locks on the bigger sides of the brick;

  • creation of the vertical interlock relief on the medium and small sides of the brick;

  • use of these products in the regions with a high risk of earthquakes or acts of terrorism;

  • production of solid sidewalk and road pavers – paving blocks with a thickness of up to 100 mm.

    The sale price is 40 - 60% higher than that of the traditional hyperpressed bricks;

  • production of preforms of rock face veneers, for the manufacturing of 4 veneers of a certain size with splays and chamfers on the face side of the rock faced tile;

    The sale price is 60-80 % higher than that of the hyperpressed ones, at the same pruduction cost;

And there are many other advantages of the present equipment of the plants TRIBOPRESS (THP/SB) in comparison with the previous one: simple operation, reliability, durability and higher productivity, new products with a higher sale price and demand. See «building materials THP/SB».

Brick plants TRIBOPRESS

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