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the equipment of the brick plants producing traditional and antiseismic building materials...

At present we are commercializing the equipment of the brick plants TRIBOPRESS: THP/SB with the productivity of 6-36 million bricks per year.

The plants «TRIBOPRESS» THP/SB with bilateral compression produce:

  • facing bricks with a frame and chamfers along the face perimeter,
  • rock face veneers with chamfers and splays along the face perimeter,
  • sidewalk and road paving materials,
  • facing and inside lining antiseismic bricks.

Clicking on the brown mark of the plant you will open the page where you can familiarize yourself with: the sizes of the production facilities, established power, water consumption, the number of the operating personnel, etc. for the plants of different productivity.

The equipment of the TRIBOPRESS plants is made in accordance with the EU Norms.

The equipment of the plants TRIBOPRESS has a tenfold margin of mechanical strength. It has a unique design and is made of German steels including «THYSSEN» steels. Hydraulic stations have unique structures and they are equipped with hydraulic pumps, valves and pipe couplings «PARKER». Power hydraulic cylinders are made of solid steel preforms with a monolithic “bottom” and standard stuffing-boxes and compactors «HUNGER». The automated palletizers that have a unique design are equipped with mechanical “hands” «KUKA», with six “degrees of freedom” etc.

Brick plants TRIBOPRESS manufacture « materials» of European and/ or Russian standards.

The machinery of the plants TRIBOPRESS can be supplied in different types of assembling:

  • complete (automated production),
  • medium (semiautomated production),
  • minimal (great part of the production is manual).

Its supply to different countries has a state Spanish financing.

The customs code of the equipment of the plants TRIBOPRESS is - «Equipment for the building materials industry and building industry,...»


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