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construction from TRIBOPRESS materials

tribo-hyperpressed facing bricks perfectly fit into brickwork and create practically "eternal" facades of buildings of perfect aesthetics ...

Our building materials have already been used for many years in the Russian construction market. Since 1989, millions of beautiful facing and paving materials of high quality have been produced . Thousands of buildings were decorated and hundreds of thousands of square metres of pavings were laid with these materials. The facades of those buildings as well as pavements do not suffer erosion and maintain their original appearance for decades.

Traditional bricks TRIBOPRESS possess:

  • high mechanical resistance (250 kg/cm2),
  • great erosion resistance (150 FRN),
  • marvellous adhesion to the mortar (70% higher than the ceramic ones).

Tribo-hyperpressed bricks have frames and chamfers along the entire face perimeter; it is an innovation in the wall building materials.

These materials are used for the construction of:

  • buildings and structures with supporting walls with unlimited number of storeys,
  • buildings and structures without limits in climatic zones.

The facades of the buildings have perfect aesthetics and high erosion resistance. The strictness of the joints is practically ideal. The framing of each brick in the facade layer is fantastically strict and beautiful.

Internal stone structure of tribo-hyperpressed materials predetermined the appearance of the facing veneer with a texture of a "wild stone"- rock face veneer.

In Tribo-hyperpressing technology, the facing rock-face veneers are received by splitting of the semi-cured preforms produced on the Tribopress equipment. These veneers always coincide with bricks in the brickwork. The strictness of the brickwork joint is almost ideal.

Each of the rock face veneers has a frame and chamfers along the entire face perimeter that are formed in the process of pressing the preform. Manual operations for their production are completely unnecessary.

Antiseismic bricks TRIBOPRESS posess:

  • higher mechanical resistance (350 - 700 kg/cm2),
  • higher erosion resistance (300 - 500 FRN),
  • a system of vertical and horizontal antiseismic "locks",
  • great adhesion to the mortar (70% higher than the ceramic ones).

Antiseismic bricks have a frame and chamfers along the entire face perimeter. Being a new, revolutionary building material, in the facade they look like traditional tribo-hypepressed bricks with a frame and chamfers along the entire face perimeter.

These materials are used for the "eternal" construction of:

  • buildings and structures in the seismically active zones,
  • buildings and structures in the places of frequent landslides and floods,
  • buildings and structures in the regions of terrorist activities.

Antisesimic bricks are used for the construction of buildings and structures with super resistant supporting walls: protective dams, special institutions, military hospitals, special buildings, police stations etc.

Antiseismic bricks of TRIBOPRESS plants look like the elements of the construction LEGO set that's why the construction from these materials is very fast and no special cualified manpower is required.

Tribo-hyperpressed sidewalk and road paving materials possess:

  • even increased mechanical strength (500 - 750 kg/cm2),
  • even increased erosion resistance (500 FRN),
  • system of vertical "locks", ,
  • great adhesion to the mortar.

Tribo-hyperpressed sidewalk and road pavers have a frame and chamfers along the entire face perimeter.

They are used for "eternal" paving of:

  • pavements of the cities without limits of climatic zones,
  • pavements of the access roads that are frequently iced up,
  • entire carriageway and pedestrian ways of petrol stations,
  • space between the city tram rails.

Currently in the Russian Federation there are districts and regions whose Administrations accept paving coverings made only from hyperpressed or tribo-hyperpressed "Spanish" sidewalk and road paving materials.

construction from TRIBOPRESS materials

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