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tribo-hyperpressing in the Russian market

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Since 1989: more than 10 operating plants, more than 1.000 of constructed buildings, thousands of square meters of paving materials, etc. ...

Spanish plants TRIBOPRESS have been introduced in the Russian market since 1989:

 city   region   country   launch   units/h 
 Aksay   Rostov   Rusia   1989   300 
 Taganrog   Rostov   Rusia   1991   400 
 Pervouralsk   Rostov   Rusia   1994   800 
 Stavropol 1   Stavropol   Rusia   1996   1200 
 Kireevsk   Tula   Rusia   1999   400 
 Stavropol 2   Stavropol   Rusia   2002   800 
 Nalchik   Kabardino-Balkaria   Rusia   2004   900 
 Kazan   Tatarstan   Rusia   2005   400 
 Rostov-na-Donu   Rostov   Rusia   2005   2700 

Since 1990 a  Russian company TRIBO SERVIS RUSSIA, with 100% Spanish capital has been run in the Russian Federation, in Rostov-on-Don. This company provides its clients with different services, including warranty and aftersales services of the TRIBOPRESS plants equipment.

In the Russian Federation and Ukrain hundreds of buildings of different height were constructed of TRIBOPRESS bricks and thousands of square meters were laid of TRIBOPRESS paving materials.

tribo-hyperpressing in the Russian market

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