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TRIBOPRESS building materials

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new durable and beautiful traditional and antiseismic bricks, sidewalk and road paving stones, rock face veneers...

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At present the equipment of unilateral compressing has reached its limit. For further improvement of brick quality, new equipment of bilateral compression was developed. The manufacturing of builiding materials by the method of bilateral compression is called tribo-hyperpressing.

Tribo-hyperpressed materials have a frame and chamfers along the entire face perimeter and significantly improve the facade aesthetics of the buildings, their frost resistance and have a higher selling price than the bricks of unilateral compression.

traditional materials

Wall materials with a frame and chamfers along the face perimeter:

  • rectangular facing brick (250x120x65 mm);
  • angle brick with a shaped corner (250x120x50-120 mm);
  • pyramidal brick (250x125x65 mm);
  • preform of 4 rock face veneers (250x140x50-140 mm).
  • construction block (250x120x120 mm).

Paving materials with a frame and chamfers along the face perimeter:

  • rectangular sidewalk and road pavers (250x125x40-120 mm);
  • shaped sidewalk and road pavers (250x125x40-120 mm);

antiseismic materials

Wall antiseismic materials with an interlocking system and chamfers:

  • inside antiseismic brick-block (258x128x65-120 mm);
  • header facing antiseismic brick-block (250x128x65-120 mm);
  • long facing antiseismic brick-block (258x128x65-120 mm);
  • angle facing antiseismic brik-block (258x128x65-120 mm).

All the materials are approved by the State Standards of the former USSR and the Russian Federation from 1991 and at present is waiting for the solicited German DIN Norms.

Due to the new generation of equipment, the plants TRIBOPRESS can enjoy a greater level of mechanical, hydraulic, electric and electronic reliability. This equipment is easier to operate, and it manufactures traditional and antiseismic aesthetically pleasing and resistant building materials with an increased selling price.

TRIBOPRESS building materials

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