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TRIBO SERVIS RUSSIA Ltd., a Russian company, provides technical services of TRIBOPRESS plants equipment ...

General Manager
Anatoliy Selivanov

A Russian Company with a 100% Spanish capital TRIBO-SERVIS RUSSIA, Ltd., was founded in Rostov-on-Don in 1990 by the founders of the Holding for carrying out technical services of TRIBOPRESS plants equipment.

The Company's staff periodically attends "extention courses" in Spain about all the generations of TRIBOPRESS plants equipment. It is a team of well prepared specialists in both: TRIBOPRESS Technique and Technology.

From 1993 Selivanov Anatoliy Viacheslavovich is the Company's General Manager. Being an engineer, with much experience in the industrial engineering, Mr. Selivanov A.V. together with the specialists of the Company maintains the full output of the Equipment of more than 10 TRIBOPRESS plants on the territory of the RF.

The main services that TRIBO-SERVIS RUSSIA, Ltd.  offers to its Clients are the following:

  • Assembly, adjustment and start up of the equipment;
  • Warranty and after-sales services of the equipment;
  • Raw material selection for the Clients;
  • Final adjustment of the Technological production process;
  • Training of the maintenance staff;
  • Control sample production.

On the Russian Market, which is traditional for the TRIBOPRESS, Technology, the presence of TRIBO-SERVIS RUSSIA, Ltd.   guarantees its Customers a reliable technical service of TRIBOPRESS plants equipment.

technical service

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